Monday, March 5, 2007


Words, which I wanted to say,
Cudn’t say them to you,
Fear of losing you rocked me night and day.

You were so close, yet so far,
So far yet so close,
I saw you in the sky among stars.

From a casual friendship to this,
I don’t know how this happened,
It’s you whom I always miss.

Want to hold you in my arms,
To comfort and protect you,
From all evils and magical charms.

Whenever a tear rolls down your cheek,
Flood of blood rushes to my heart,
To give the solace and empathy you seek.

Your own pretty ways of doing things,
They always mused and amused me,
Cannot tell anyone the joy it brings.

The picture of life is empty without you,
It’s so murky and remorse,
When picture is without your view.

One day I want to tell you,
Those words which I want to say,
Don’t you anytime get some clue?

You’ve got so many friends,
I want to be the most special,
So much, it matches no ends.

Words, words they won’t be enough,
To tell you about my love,
They will be a mere bluff.

Your smile is my air,
Your words are my food,
Without any of them my life is bare.

Oh God!, you are my life,
I can’ live without you,
You are the only one to be my wife.

1 comment:

sheena said...

well!! its nice dint like the last line in particular.......
u cld have made it better...
but darlin who is d lucky girl??
do i know her??