Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Tale Of A River!!!

I come from the mountain ,
Down through the valley ,
Along the rough terrain ,
And into the alley.

I am very chirpy and swift ,
During my prime ,
But that slows down ,
With path and time.

Large rocks on my way stand aloof ,
I kiss them and pass by ,
The clouds are my roof ,
And never let me dry.

Fishes play in my laps ,
So do fishermen in their crafts ,
I never say a word ,
Even when I am sent through taps.

When the sun shines on my bed ,
On the lustrous sheet ,
It looks like golden thread ,
Woven down very neat.

I don’t sleep in the night ,
Rather play with the moon and stars ,
On my breast falls the moon light ,
Which looks like series of silver bars.

The sweet murmur of birds ,
It pleases my ears ,
But the thought of my end ,
Fills my mind with fears.

With its arms wide open ,
The ocean calls me to my death ,
I swing into his mighty arms ,
And happily wear the wreath.

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