Monday, March 5, 2007

I Loved A Stone

As I walked down the street,
I saw a stone,
This just kissed my feet.

I picked it up and carried it,
Something was appealing,
From the much bit.

Days passed and I saw it everyday,
When my liking changed to love,
I didn’t even knew what to say?

I shared my feeling, I poured my heart,
But somewhere did I forget,
It was still a stone by art.

I banged my head everyday,
There was only blood,
The stone had no say.

The stone said “Please don’t cry or moan,
If I could, I’d surely have loved you,
But I can’t, and that’s the reason I am stone.

1 comment:

sheena said...

ok...............i like d endin but the start is not tooo appealin...
or fails to give u the effect or feel..
i hope u get wat im tryin to say here!
but a gud attempt!
u got much more talent yaaaaaa..