Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Am Happy !!!!

I knew I had to go the other way,
But when I saw you on my path ,
I had a different say.

You were going ahead ,
I don’t know with whom,
Both of you were leaving a tread.

Mindlessly I followed both of you,
After some time ,
Both of you disappeared from my view.

Like always I was left alone,
The path engulfed my dream,
I was still figuring where had you gone.

I turned around,
Everything laughed at me,
From the trees, grass to the barren land.

I was deserted , was devastated,
You left me in the dark,
A long time I had waited.

Wherever you had gone,
I am still not angry,
I am not lone.

To see u happy you is my only desire,
What if you are not with me,
My heart still burns with the same fire.

Lead Thy Light!!!!!!

Walking meaningless down the life,
Yes that what I was doing,
As I took each and every stride.

Fear, anger, frustration,
That was all I had,
Had lost hopes of seeing happiness, joy or elation.

People had succumbed to thee,
I couldn’t take it,
From its gruesome clutches, I wanted to be free.

I called my heart, called my mind,
And asked them to help me,
And put an end to this grind.

“Don’t jitter, my boy” said my heart,
Just do your deed,
And just follow the right path.

Sorrows, pain, failures may push you back,
But courage, determination, honesty,
They’ll be always part of your stack.

It’s easy to tread the wrong path,
But for the right one,
You have to face the fury and wrath.

The right will always put you right,
Maybe the joy will elude you for some time,
But one day you’ll se the light.

Suddenly all darkness had gone,
I felt a streak of joy,
Joy to bring good to this world alone.

One day I’ll be victorious in my fight,
God will always be there,
Leading me from darkness to light.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Tale Of A River!!!

I come from the mountain ,
Down through the valley ,
Along the rough terrain ,
And into the alley.

I am very chirpy and swift ,
During my prime ,
But that slows down ,
With path and time.

Large rocks on my way stand aloof ,
I kiss them and pass by ,
The clouds are my roof ,
And never let me dry.

Fishes play in my laps ,
So do fishermen in their crafts ,
I never say a word ,
Even when I am sent through taps.

When the sun shines on my bed ,
On the lustrous sheet ,
It looks like golden thread ,
Woven down very neat.

I don’t sleep in the night ,
Rather play with the moon and stars ,
On my breast falls the moon light ,
Which looks like series of silver bars.

The sweet murmur of birds ,
It pleases my ears ,
But the thought of my end ,
Fills my mind with fears.

With its arms wide open ,
The ocean calls me to my death ,
I swing into his mighty arms ,
And happily wear the wreath.

An Unrequited Love Story!!

While at a shop with my friend,
I noticed something at the road’s end.

There was a gal with her mom,
Oh! , She had the essence of a bomb.

We started following her,
But due to night, my vision got blur.

When she reached her place,
We noticed her address to have her trace.

I got her phone number,
Since then I could not slumber.

I proposed her to become my phone friend,
First she agreed, then rejected in the end.

I called many times at her number,
She kept the receiver down without any answer.

I planned to talk to her at the dairy,
But those castles were airy.

Then I got busy in my studies,
And passed time with my buddies.

What else could I have hoped for?
I shifted to a house, in front of her door.

How could have I controlled myself,
This was nothing less than an elf.

I called her again,
To explain my heart’s pain.

But she still had some hesitation,
Now she was trying out my patience.

Finally she agreed to be my friend on phone,
This seemed like a ray of hope in the dawn.

She said “She doesn’t know who I am?”
She is confused between two guys.

When she walked along the park,
My friends shouted my name in lark.

I joined a college,
But about her’s, I didn’t had any knowledge.

Soon I knew all things,
And her house was flooded with my phone rings.

I started going to her bus stop,
Surely she would have been in some shock.

For days I just saw her,
But couldn’t talk to her.

One day I gathered all my courage,
And went to her, but was vague.

I thought she looked at me, from behind the tree,
But was it my thinking or was it really me.

I couldn’t do without having her in my sight,
I kept looking for her, in day and even night.

But at times when left with no choice,
I got contempt on hearing her voice.

Does she love me or not,
Or am I alone sailing in this boat.

This poem is waiting for its climax,
Only she knows what it would be like.

Monday, March 5, 2007


Words, which I wanted to say,
Cudn’t say them to you,
Fear of losing you rocked me night and day.

You were so close, yet so far,
So far yet so close,
I saw you in the sky among stars.

From a casual friendship to this,
I don’t know how this happened,
It’s you whom I always miss.

Want to hold you in my arms,
To comfort and protect you,
From all evils and magical charms.

Whenever a tear rolls down your cheek,
Flood of blood rushes to my heart,
To give the solace and empathy you seek.

Your own pretty ways of doing things,
They always mused and amused me,
Cannot tell anyone the joy it brings.

The picture of life is empty without you,
It’s so murky and remorse,
When picture is without your view.

One day I want to tell you,
Those words which I want to say,
Don’t you anytime get some clue?

You’ve got so many friends,
I want to be the most special,
So much, it matches no ends.

Words, words they won’t be enough,
To tell you about my love,
They will be a mere bluff.

Your smile is my air,
Your words are my food,
Without any of them my life is bare.

Oh God!, you are my life,
I can’ live without you,
You are the only one to be my wife.

I Loved A Stone

As I walked down the street,
I saw a stone,
This just kissed my feet.

I picked it up and carried it,
Something was appealing,
From the much bit.

Days passed and I saw it everyday,
When my liking changed to love,
I didn’t even knew what to say?

I shared my feeling, I poured my heart,
But somewhere did I forget,
It was still a stone by art.

I banged my head everyday,
There was only blood,
The stone had no say.

The stone said “Please don’t cry or moan,
If I could, I’d surely have loved you,
But I can’t, and that’s the reason I am stone.