Wednesday, March 7, 2007

An Unrequited Love Story!!

While at a shop with my friend,
I noticed something at the road’s end.

There was a gal with her mom,
Oh! , She had the essence of a bomb.

We started following her,
But due to night, my vision got blur.

When she reached her place,
We noticed her address to have her trace.

I got her phone number,
Since then I could not slumber.

I proposed her to become my phone friend,
First she agreed, then rejected in the end.

I called many times at her number,
She kept the receiver down without any answer.

I planned to talk to her at the dairy,
But those castles were airy.

Then I got busy in my studies,
And passed time with my buddies.

What else could I have hoped for?
I shifted to a house, in front of her door.

How could have I controlled myself,
This was nothing less than an elf.

I called her again,
To explain my heart’s pain.

But she still had some hesitation,
Now she was trying out my patience.

Finally she agreed to be my friend on phone,
This seemed like a ray of hope in the dawn.

She said “She doesn’t know who I am?”
She is confused between two guys.

When she walked along the park,
My friends shouted my name in lark.

I joined a college,
But about her’s, I didn’t had any knowledge.

Soon I knew all things,
And her house was flooded with my phone rings.

I started going to her bus stop,
Surely she would have been in some shock.

For days I just saw her,
But couldn’t talk to her.

One day I gathered all my courage,
And went to her, but was vague.

I thought she looked at me, from behind the tree,
But was it my thinking or was it really me.

I couldn’t do without having her in my sight,
I kept looking for her, in day and even night.

But at times when left with no choice,
I got contempt on hearing her voice.

Does she love me or not,
Or am I alone sailing in this boat.

This poem is waiting for its climax,
Only she knows what it would be like.

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