Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Am Happy !!!!

I knew I had to go the other way,
But when I saw you on my path ,
I had a different say.

You were going ahead ,
I don’t know with whom,
Both of you were leaving a tread.

Mindlessly I followed both of you,
After some time ,
Both of you disappeared from my view.

Like always I was left alone,
The path engulfed my dream,
I was still figuring where had you gone.

I turned around,
Everything laughed at me,
From the trees, grass to the barren land.

I was deserted , was devastated,
You left me in the dark,
A long time I had waited.

Wherever you had gone,
I am still not angry,
I am not lone.

To see u happy you is my only desire,
What if you are not with me,
My heart still burns with the same fire.

1 comment:

Shalini said...

Beautiful poem........This is exactly what I m goin thru these days.