Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lead Thy Light!!!!!!

Walking meaningless down the life,
Yes that what I was doing,
As I took each and every stride.

Fear, anger, frustration,
That was all I had,
Had lost hopes of seeing happiness, joy or elation.

People had succumbed to thee,
I couldn’t take it,
From its gruesome clutches, I wanted to be free.

I called my heart, called my mind,
And asked them to help me,
And put an end to this grind.

“Don’t jitter, my boy” said my heart,
Just do your deed,
And just follow the right path.

Sorrows, pain, failures may push you back,
But courage, determination, honesty,
They’ll be always part of your stack.

It’s easy to tread the wrong path,
But for the right one,
You have to face the fury and wrath.

The right will always put you right,
Maybe the joy will elude you for some time,
But one day you’ll se the light.

Suddenly all darkness had gone,
I felt a streak of joy,
Joy to bring good to this world alone.

One day I’ll be victorious in my fight,
God will always be there,
Leading me from darkness to light.

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